Growth hack your marketing (2) – Cohort Analysis

Second in a series of "growth hacking"methods and mindset: Cohort analysis with sample ideas for Dipsta merchant campaigns.


Dating rules for marketing

Dating and marketing are, in many ways, the same game. Shockingly though, many unthinkable dating faux-pas are frequently committed by marketers, no wonder consumers are unimpressed!  Join the dots below and see if you need to rework your charm offensive! About is a new generation “Win or Buy” marketing & e-commerce platform. We offer game-like … Continue reading Dating rules for marketing

What is gamification marketing and why you need to know

In “Wonderland – How play made the modern world”, the New York Times bestselling author Steven Johnson argued that many of humanity’s breakthroughs are the product of people wanting more play. Problem solving is often solving the problem of jadedness.  And jadedness is precisely why getting through to consumers are increasingly difficult. There are simply too … Continue reading What is gamification marketing and why you need to know