Dip it. Win it. Get it!

WIN OR BUY – Dipsta gamifies marketing for consumers and makes online visibility fairer for businesses.




See the Dipsta campaign video: https://youtu.be/ceXmzR-YZhY

Dipsta.com – a new generation “Win or Buy” marketing & e-commerce tech start-up, curates game-like discovery of prizes & promotions for  consumers, whilst offering “budget agnostic” visibility  and effectiveness to marketers. Dipsta’s aim is to entice voluntary consumer interest and elevate marketers out of the need to spam. It is founded by a Cambridge alumni team & member of Barclays Eagle Labs for innovation.

We are particularly passionate about creating an even playing field for marketers, to empower the discovery of new and unique things. Search results on Dipsta are based entirely on relevance to each individual consumer profile – not based on marketing budget. Dipsta enables search by category or location – making it useful for both e-commerce and physical stores.

Enticement, not spam

Dipsta curates prizes & offers to entice voluntary interest, from brands that respect customers and prefer not to spam.

It is built with zero hassle in mind in order to appeal widely. “Dip right” to enter a prize draw and save down a special offer, or “Skip left” to move on without action. Continuous browsing with visually consistent user interface, transparent & standardized T&Cs and “one-touch” simple action points are the distinctive features of the Dipsta consumer experience.

Dipsta enables brands, products & services to be searched, discovered by categories or by dynamic geo-location on the user’s mobile device to enhance local search. Dipsta offers an even playing field for businesses of all sizes by giving each campaign maximized & dedicated in-app display – a “budget agnostic” approach to online visibility.

Launching via Indiegogo crowdfunding, Dipsta became one of the UK’s highest funded reward based app/web product on Indiegogo. Rewards for backers include early bird access and in-app incentives with gifts from independent merchants. The campaign is now “In Demand” on Indiegogo which means supporters can continue to back the campaign for exclusive rewards: https://igg.me/at/dipsta

The consumer site and apps are due for release from February 2017. The merchant site is now open for seed merchants at http://merchant.dipsta.com.



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For more information

Contact: Janet Z. Wang (founder)

Email:  janet@dipsta.com

Website: dipsta.com

FB/Twitter/Instagram @dipstacrowd