Growth hack your marketing (1): A/B Testing – Bed or Breakfast?


Growth hacker used to be computer scientists or engineers who apply measurable scientific approaches or out-of-the-box “hacks” to growth marketing. They throw out wishy-washy terminologies, replacing them with hypotheses validation and data-based evidence.

Growth hacking is no longer just about techniques and tools, it has become a proof driven & cost conscious mindset. For SMEs this is particularly worth embracing, because most businesses cannot afford to sink time and money in expensive mistakes. It also helps you to assess your own beliefs objectively – are you addressing a real need with your product? Are you targeting the right people, in the right way?

In this series, we will look at some useful and user-friendly growth hacking techniques, with examples.

First up – A/B testing.

This is a simple one. It involves creating a version A and a version B of the feature you want to test, while keeping other aspects the same. Observe how people react to each version and which yields more desirable outcomes. A/B testing is particularly good for investigating very specific and well defined hypothesis.  It could be as simple as:

Which of my call to action mascot would result in more click-throughs?

A: cat

B: dog

However, bear in mind to keep all other aspects of your test as constant as possible. For example, if your cat image is also much bigger than the dog image, you won’t be able to isolate the impact of the mascot choice alone. Also if you tested version A over Christmas, and version B after the new year, again your testing condition will contain other biased factors. So try to minimize variations in your test conditions other than the feature you are testing.

An A/B testing example: 

Moonraker House B&B in Stratford-upon-Avon is in the process of updating their website. They ran two test campaigns on Dipsta to see which of the “bed” or the “breakfast” image was more likely to drive interest in their off-season special offer.

Bed or Breakfast? 

The Dipsta campaigns have simple touch points for consumers. Of particular interest to the Moonraker campaigns are the following:

  • “Dip” means entry and interest in the prize or special offer
  • “Skip” means no interest
  • “GET IT NOW” for immediate booking or purchase
  • “Heart” means the consumer wants to see more like this
  • “Share” will send the campaign page to a friend

Consumer reaction to versions A & B of the campaigns are then available to view in the Dipsta Merchant Centre.

Which one would you choose if you were:

a) the B&B owner

b) a customer

This A/B test yielded rather subtle results:

While the number of “Dips” were marginally higher for the “breakfast” version, as the image was quite striking, click-throughs via the “GET IT NOW” button was higher for the “bed” image, as it was less ambiguous that this was a guest house promotion.

Your turn:

A/B testing is putting your gut instinct through objective validation.  There are lots of advanced tools, including Kissmetrics, Optimizely and Google Analytics.

For SMEs, however, if you are pressed for time and budget, and don’t necessarily need all the sophisticated analysis paralysis, allows you to campaign and growth hack at the same time. Better still, Dipsta is in beta and growth hacking mode too, so you can get unlimited use of the Dipsta Merchant platform for free for now. Find out more and sign up for a FREE merchant account – let’s growth hack together!


About is a new generation “Win or Buy” marketing & e-commerce platform. We offer game-like discovery of prizes & promotions based on categories or geo-location to suit both e-commerce and physical stores. Dipsta’s aim is to entice voluntary consumer interest and elevate marketers out of the need to spam.

We are particularly passionate about empowering independent & local businesses to achieve “budget agnostic” visibility and effectiveness in their marketing efforts.

Dipsta is a member of Barclays Eagle Tech and founded by a Cambridge alumni team.

Dipsta is now in beta launch. If you are a B2C business, please take advantage of the free trial beta period and sign up for a free Dipsta Merchant account. Please feel free to comment or get in touch to discuss your marketing challenges & needs.


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