Dating rules for marketing


Dating and marketing are, in many ways, the same game. Shockingly though, many unthinkable dating faux-pas are frequently committed by marketers, no wonder consumers are unimpressed!  Join the dots below and see if you need to rework your charm offensive!




About is a new generation “Win or Buy” marketing & e-commerce platform. We offer game-like discovery of prizes & promotions based on categories or geo-location to suit both e-commerce and physical stores. Dipsta’s aim is to entice voluntary consumer interest and elevate marketers out of the need to spam.

We are particularly passionate about empowering independent & local businesses to achieve “budget agnostic” visibility and effectiveness in their marketing efforts.

Dipsta is a member of Barclays Eagle Tech and founded by a Cambridge alumni team.

Dipsta is now in beta launch. If you are a B2C business, please take advantage of the free trial beta period and sign up for a free Dipsta Merchant account. Please feel free to comment or get in touch to discuss your marketing challenges & needs.




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